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All the public deliverables are listed below.

  • D2.5 European Data and Ethics handbook in the field of autonomous driving, vehicles and usages of humans and data

    Due January 2022.

  • D2.6 Open Research Data Report

    Due January 2022.

  • D3.1 User-centered recommendations

    Due November 2020.

  • D3.2 360°Acceptance Map

    Due November 2021.

  • D3.3 CAVA (Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Acceptance Assessment Tool)

    Due November 2021.

  • D3.4 Cross Skill ™

    Due May 2022.

  • D4.1 Scenarios and experimental protocols

    Due January 2021.

  • D4.2 Guidelines and recommendations from simulations

    Due March 2021.

  • D5.1 Requirements and competence models for CAV relevant training situations

    Due January 2021.

  • D5.2 Educational scenarios and tasks for CAV relevant training situations

    Due May 2021.