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Public acceptance

The basis of the Guide2Autonomy is a profound understanding of public acceptance of CAVs and the way in which it can be improved. The first way to do this is to gain insight on the ideas and concerns of a wide public in Europe. This will be done via large-scale questionnaires and experiments with a large variety of users. Special care will be taken to involve not only users who are car drivers interested in technology, but also users who are representative of the European population, with specific attention to minority groups and those who currently experience some issues with their mobility. By developing a tool that is able to measure user acceptance in a standardized way, PAsCAL will empower users and organisations to determine the impact of their solutions and discussions on CAV acceptance. Gaining knowledge on user acceptance will result in constructing a multi-dimensional mapping of CAV acceptance.

This methodological approach aims at addressing stated intention to use CAV, and the factors which influence intention to use CAV in four phases:

Four phases


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