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Training & Education

The development and progressive emergence of CAVs pose the problem of creating a new environment in which the new generation of connected and autonomous cars are able to interact with other road users and vice versa. This section of the project provides for the creation of models intended to increase the knowledge and therefore the familiarity of road users with CAVs, all in the name of greater security for all.

A list of training and education solutions will be defined with the help of the instructors of RED driving school (UK) and ACI`s Ready2Go schools and Safe Driving Centres (Italy).
These will have been tested and validated in PAsCAL`s multi simulator environment and in a real and safe environment at Lainate Safe Driving Centre.
Training programmes will be developed to enable both new and experienced drivers to cope with up to level 4 CAV`s as well as for future Driving Instructor training and professional drivers.