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The role of ACI in the PAsCAL project

19th April 2022
Press Release

Experience, networks and facilities provided to the PAsCAL project to improve understanding, acceptance and transition to the use of CAVs

The Automobile Club d'Italia (ACI) is a public body running car-related public services on behalf of the Italian State and of local public Authorities (i.e. Public Register of Motor Vehicle, road tax management) representing the interests of all road users to safe, sustainable and affordable mobility. In line with its mission, ACI has decided to take part in the PAsCAL* project aiming at improving driver behaviour and public acceptance of connected and automated vehicles.

ACI's commitment ( as part of the project includes:

  • The identification of a didactical methodology for training on the "new" road-safety of Connected and Automated Vehicle drivers. This activity took place through a process of construction and verification that concluded at the end of February this year with practical driving lessons on board of Connected and Automated Vehicles in the Safe Driving Center ACI Sara of Lainate. In order to reach an adequate number of participants in a short time, the organization involved 79 soldiers of the Italian Army, including soldiers of the Alpine Brigade Taurinense and soldiers of the NATO Command in Milan, as well as 12 civilians. A shared experience between military and civilians, in the name of an increasingly connected and autonomous mobility. The new methodology is currently used in the ACI-SARA Safe Driving Centers in Lainate.
  • A significant contribute to the development of recommendations and strategic guidelines dedicated to CAV mobility, thanks to the involvement of its Legislative Office and the Office for Mobility and Road Education. 
  • The coordination of Dissemination activities, backed by ACI’s experience in the field of communication, a valuable tool for awareness and change.