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The role of LIST in the PAsCAL project

14th April 2022
Press Release

Experience, networks and technologies provided to the PAsCAL project to improve understanding, acceptance and transition to the use of CAVs

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a mission-driven Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) that develops competitive and market-oriented product/service prototypes for public and private stakeholders. With its 600 employees, 75% of whom are researchers or innovation experts from all around the world, LIST is active in the fields of informatics, materials and environment and works across the entire innovation chain: fundamental/applied research, incubation and transfer of technologies.

LIST is the coordinator of the PAsCAL project aiming at improving driver behaviour and public acceptance of connected and automated vehicles. As such, LIST is leading scientifically the project, and is responsible for the coordination, communication and risk management of the project.

LIST is also contributing in numerous empirical and engineering activities of PAsCAL:

  • development and validation of the item pool and measurement instrument
  • provision of the Cross Skill tool for self-assessment purposes
  • course of observational studies by developing and adopting two CAV simulators (the “Home Study Simulator” dedicated to drivers and the “360 Immersive Arena” dedicated to pedestrians)
  • participation to the development of trainings with ACI and RDS Driving.

Finally, LIST is participating in the assessment of the business and social impacts revealed by the investigations carried out in PAsCAL. Especially by contributing to the development of recommendations that feed the “Guide2Autonomy”, one of the main outcome of the project to improve understanding, acceptance and transition to the use of CAVs.

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