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University of Mannheim map highlights Germany


The University of Mannheim - UMA ( in Germany is a strongly research-oriented university. In the PAsCAL project, UMA is represented by Prof. Tobias Vogel, Prof. Florian Kutzner, and Dr. Celina Kacperski from the Consumer Psychology Group. The Consumer Psychology Group uses experimental methodology to study psychological variables such as needs, attitudes and cognitive limitations. The Consumer Psychology Group works with interactive laboratories and representative panels to run experiments and surveys.

Project role(s):

  • UMA will lead the public acceptance workpackage (WP3). We will make sure to deploy the most up-to-date measurement tools and to acquire the most representative samples possible.
  • UMA will lead the tasks 2.1. and 2.2 in Ethics and Data workpackage (WP2). We will assist LuxMobility and ensure compliance to ethical and latest data protection standards.
  • UMA will support the definition of research designs to enable causal interpretation of the results. Their expertise in conducting randomized control trials will be used to define experimental factors in WP4 (definition of simulation scenarios and related acceptance measures), WP5 (definition of cognitive-affective model on driver training needs) and WP6 (critical test of training effectiveness.)


  • 68131 Mannheim
  • Germany