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RAI 1 - Easy Driver

The mobility infrastructure of the future will have to deal and interact with a new kind of transportation solution on our roads: the connected autonomous vehicle (CAV). What was once considered to be science fiction - a vehicle capable of driving itself, with no need for a human driver at the wheel - is now a reality. At present, the technology is only in the testing phase. However, the impact of its development on everyone's daily travel experience cannot be ignored. 

PAsCAL has been deliberately configured to answer the questions that arise from this once futuristic scenario. It will  assess both the degree of knowledge about and the acceptance of self-driving vehicles amongst the population-at-large. 

The PAsCAL project is funded by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program. It is being carried out by leading universities and technology and service companies across the continent. Among them - with more than 115 years experience in the mobility sector - the Automobile Club d’Italia.

Launched in June 2019, PAsCAL aims to provide solutions to improve the relationship between citizen road users and CAVs. Using surveys, experimental simulator studies as well as field trial pilots, the PAsCAL consortium aims to investigate the current situation and, using this information, prepare a "Guide2Autonomy": 100 recommendations available to the European Commission and all interested stakeholders to accelerate the public acceptance of CAV technologies.