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D9.1 Plan for promotion of results

13th February 2020

This document outlines the outreach strategy for the PAsCAL project. Starting from roles and responsibilities, it describes the dissemination and communication strategy: objectives, key target audiences for the project and the specific dissemination and communication focus for each of them. It explains the key project communication and dissemination messages that must be tailored to one, more or all target audiences.

The document presents an overview of the tools and communication channels that have been selected to best reach the communication and dissemination objectives. The planned activities relate to printed material (posters, flyers, etc.), a project website, an app, use of social media, press/media initiatives, articles, open access journal publications, videos production, the use of partners’ communication channels, events, webinars and e-newsletters. The Dissemination Manager (ACI) will initiate the necessary amplification actions to maximise the outreach of the dissemination and communication actions. Messages and strategies will be updated and adapted to the progress of PAsCAL, concentrating on its main features.

The project will develop a multidimensional map of public acceptance of higher levels of CAV, apply these results in simulated environments, investigate the new “driver” needs considering different modes and mobility services to enhance her/his behaviour and create the Guide2Autonomy, a set of guidelines and recommendations to allow all interested stakeholders an improved understanding of the public awareness and requirements of different types of users in relation to CAV. The Dissemination Manager also will actively look for cooperation and clusters with related projects and adapt dissemination activities to common needs.

The Plan for promotion of results includes an outline for measuring the efforts and effectiveness of the dissemination initiatives, as well as a reporting tool for the communication and dissemination initiatives by the project’s partners.

This deliverable will be updated during the lifetime of the project.