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D6.2 Pilot Setup

13th February 2020

Disclaimer: This deliverable has not yet been reviewed by the European Commission.

The PAsCAL project aims to address all the issues and concerns that may delay the wide market uptake of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) and to enhance the general public’s acceptance of these vehicles. At the same time, the project also studies questions relating to the role of humans within the system, with special attention to vulnerable users, ranging from real-time driving control to long-term training needs for jobs. In order to facilitate the research process, the consortium partners collect user-related data, as well as the public opinions and acceptance via a variety of channels.

Five different real-world pilots are carried out to validate the project’s findings. This document details their setup and explains in detail how these pilots are going to be performed to ensure their correct execution, making sure the information collected is homogeneous and in line with the project’s objectives. Furthermore, it can act as an orientation guide for future experimental pilot setups of autonomous or connected technologies, which do not exist today.

This document contains descriptions for each of the pilots being performed in the context of the PAsCAL project with thorough descriptions of the different scenarios taking place in each of the pilots as well as different specifications for the materials needed to perform the pilots, the staff members, the expected testers, and their accessibility needs in relation with the pilot. The pilot description also specifies the information that has to be collected regarding answers to the included questionnaires, per batch incident reports and contributions to dissemination activities. Lastly, the pilot setup includes a workplan detailing al the subtasks required for each pilot execution as well as the time slot when they are being performed.

The pilots explained in this project are: “High-capacity autonomous bus operations”, “Autonomous driving Training”, “Autonomous shuttle service”, “Shared connected transport”, and “Experience of vulnerable travellers with connected transport environment”.

A common pilot design defined in deliverable D6.1 is followed and further defined in order to obtain the most relevant and precise information to be analysed in future documents from the project.

D6.2.pdf (11.96 MB)