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  • oply
  • Oply
  • 9, Avenue du Blues
  • L-4368 Belvaux Luxembourg
  • +49 30 54445030
  • Partner Website

Company description:

Oply Mobility S.A. ( is a well-funded, tech-focused startup headquartered in Luxembourg which designs, develops and operates smart mobility and automotive ICT solutions. One of its core projects carsharing is in the process of the rapid rollout for Europe-wide operations, with Germany and the UK being the first countries to introduce operations. Oply successfully serves tens of thousands of customers with a fleet of several thousand of shared vehicles.

Project role(s):

  • Oply is mainly involved in (a) comprehensive assessment of public acceptance (WP3) by performing
    operational database analysis and performing active surveys of its current shared mobility users and (b)
    conducting a pilot study of shared connected transport (WP6). For performing these tasks ExaMotive will
    leverage its international user base and large scale car sharing network (reaching most of the major European
    cities with a combined fleet of several thousand vehicles).